2017 Oscar Picks

Every year my girlfriend Megan and I sit down, look over the list of Academy Award nominees and make our decisions as to who we believe is going to take home the little gold statue.

For whatever reason, this year just felt a little off. Could be the mass amount of nominees for Best Picture, or the fact everything just felt a little bland. It seemed like 2016 was not the best year in terms of quality content and I think we are seeing it this year. However, there were some really stellar performances this year and movies that I know will stick with me for a very long time.

Here are my picks for the 2017 Academy Awards.

LLL d 29 _5194.NEF(La La Land, 2016)

Best Picture – La La Land

I personally believe La La Land is the best film on the year. It had me laughing and by the end, nearly in tears. With that said, I believe Moonlight and Manchester are both beautifully crafted. And thought I would argue that both of those films are better from a technical standpoint, La La Land was just too fun. Plus the 14 nominations help…

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Ryan Gosling

I know, already starting it off with back to back La La Land wins, BUT, I believe Gosling is going to win, solely because of the conflicts that Casey Affleck has had in the past few years. Overall, I believe the Academy is going to treat him the same way they plan on treating Mel Gibson….without a win.

Best Actress in a Leading Role – Emma Stone

3 straight you say? Yes…yes I do. I think this category is a little on the weak side. I think Stone is going to pull this one off with no issues here. I think her main competition is going to be Huppert, which many people seem to leave off of their list. I think Portman gave an alright performance portraying the life of Jackie and Meryl is classic Meryl, but I don’t think any of these extremely talented ladies are going to compete with Emma Stone’s hilarious performance.

moonlight-quoteposter-web(Moonlight, 2016)

Actor in a Supporting Role – Mahershala Ali

No brainer, no question. This is his to lose. I absolutely love this guy. Have been a huge fan of his for years so I am really excited for him. I think he is one of the biggest front runners this year. Period.

Actress in a Supporting Role – Michelle Williams

One of the few categories that I was completely torn on. This, in my opinion, is the best category of this years awards season. I think her performance in Manchester is amazing, though at times it felt really awkward and almost forced emotion. However, at the end of the day I think she gave the most impact performance. With that said, Viola Davis is ALWAYS a knockout. Be on the lookout for her taking this one home as well.

Animated Feature – Kubo

This film has to win. This is one where I am just crossing my fingers and hoping that it actually pulls it off. The reason? Have you seen the behind the scenes for this film?! The pure talent and patience and utter filmmaking goodness that went into this beautiful animated feature is truly inspiring.

kubo-and-the-two-strings-is-a-film-that-will-be-appreciated(Kubo and the Two Strings, 2016)

Cinematography – Linus Sandgren (“La La Land”)

Another pretty tough category. I do believe that Silence was snubbed in a big way this year. That film was magic. It was beautiful and for some reason, it just wan’t recognized. With that said, I believe La La Land is taking this one home. I think that Linus made the camera work as if it was dancing and singing with the characters. It didn’t feel forced and it didn’t seem out of place. There were a few instances where I would have personally changed the lens and there were definitely come continuity errors in the “look,” but at the end of the say, I think this film (shot in 35mm film) is going to take it home.

Directing – Damien Chazelle 

In my opinion, this is a no brainer, just like Best Picture. I think Jenkins did a beautiful job with Moonlight, but Chazelle has this one in the bag. I wouldn’t doubt others being a dark horse here, but this is his to lose.

I want to go into detail on every pick, but I have decided to just give you the rest of my list below. After the awards I will give my thoughts on another blog post! Be sure to stay tuned.

Costume – Jackie

Documentary – Not Your Negro

Documentary (Short) – White Helmets

Editing – La La Land (Continuity was an issue, and I personally don’t think it should win, but I have a gut feeling that it will)

Foreign Language – The Salesman

Makeup and Hair – Suicide Squad (Ha)

Music (Score) – La La Land

Music (Song) – La La Land (City of Stars)

Production Design – La La Land

Animated Short – Borrowed Time

Live Action Short – Sing

Sound Editing – La La Land

Sound Mixing – Hacksaw Ridge

Visual Effects – Kubo

Writing (Original) – Manchester by the Sea

Writing (Adapted) – Moonlight



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